Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again

The most remarkable thing about Man It Feels Like Space Again is how songs with so much happening, can seem so bland and uninspiring. They hit the right buttons in terms of being a part of the genre, but at best end up sounding like the best parts of the Flaming Lips (Yoshimi), at their worst they sound like the Flaming Lips at their most plodding and tediousĀ (everything but Yoshimi).

Billed as psychedelic-glam-space-rock, it never feels natural and comes across like an exercise in cramming as many shifts in each song as possible. Single songs move from dreamy and transporting, to garage rock stomping, and while this ambition is admirable, it never quite comes off. This makes the record a confusing mix, never really settling in a groove or a theme, seeming unfocused rather than satisfyingly eclectic. The disco-y, glam-y elements detract from the listening experience, sounding more like Scissor Sisters than T-Rex, turning the record into a wayward shambles.

My favourite track is Sitting Up On Our Crane, a synth driven, slow-tempo, dreamlike trip, and possibly the only track that truly holds together for its entirety.

Recommendation: Disappointing, but sure to find a fanbase.

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