The best albums I heard for the first time this week

Aside from the records that I reviewed this week, I also listened to some of older records for the first time. The two I liked the most were:

Diiv – Oshin. Released in 2012, Oshin is a strangely moving journey through dream pop soundscapes with enchanting guitar melodies. While mostly instrumental, the vocals that do occur are reminiscent of Sigur Ros or The Stone Roses, shimmery and incomprehensible, becoming simply another instrument rather than the main feature. While not earth shattering, Oshin is an accomplished collection of compelling compositions that make me hopeful for Diiv’s next record.

Peggy Seeger – Everything Changes. From early in 2014, Everything Changes is a charming collection of throwback folksongs and a quirky mix of modernity and tradition. Even if it wasn’t as good as it is, it would be an achievement in staying relevant without compromising style for the sake of moving with the times.