Song of the day …coming to terms with the unavoidable

The Sunday evening after a long weekend is the worst time anyone can ever have. The four days, where they once stretched out in front of you full of possibilities, now seem like some strange haze and you have no idea where they went. All you know is that you have to go to work tomorrow and you are devastated.

Today’s song is both a pick me up and a surrendering. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were my favourite band in high school and as much as I tried to distance myself from them after the ill-fated Navarro era, I can’t help but remain enamoured with them. I like their Hillel Slovak stuff, their Frusciante stuff, their Klinghoffer stuff is growing on me, and fuck it, why not, I like their Navarro stuff. I can’t properly explain it but I am coming to terms with it. There are no records quite like Freaky Styley, The Uplift Mofo Party Plan or Blood Sugar Sex Magik, and while they may have their failings, originality is not one of them. For better or worse, they give a shit at every second and for that I like them.

There. I said it. Go fuck yourself.

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