Ezra Furman – Perpetual Motion People


It’s not often you encounter a record that gets in your head and stays there, and despite repeated listens, remains fresh and and interesting. Perpetual Motion People is a collage of styles, from doo wop backing vocals, to Beach Boys-esque melodies (without the paedophilic undertones), punk rawness, to pop pep. Ezra Furman adds just the right amount of each to create an album or remarkable variety, while remaining cohesive.

Perpetual Motion People is overflowing with the infectious (‘Lousy Connection’ and ‘Haunted Head’), the poignant and affecting (‘Ordinary Life’ and ‘Can I Sleep in Your Brain’), and the downright raucous (‘Wobbly’ and ‘Hark! To The Music’). This creates an exhausting listening experience that feels complete and satisfying, with elements of every era of Bowie, and some T-Rex thrown in for good measure.

Furman has a knack for writing kooky lyrics that feel meaningful and connect on a deeper level than their surface wittiness, such as the Trayvon Martin trial themed:

So I’ve been working on this letter to congress
Regarding some things that I think they should address
Showed up in court wearing an Indian headdress
Somehow I think maybe the message was lost

Alongside Wilco’s Star Wars and Gaz Coombes’s Matador, this might be my favourite record of the year.

Recommendation: Mandatory

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